Dear Customer,

I hope this finds you well in these very strange and unprecedented times.

Maison Maurice wanted to provide you the licensee, with an update on how to reclaim the value on ‘unbroached’ and potentially the duty only on ‘broached’ kegs and casks of stock that will need to be destroyed at your premises. Maison Maurice have nothing to do with claims and cannot influence any outcome of compensation.
The British Beer and Pub Association (BBPA) have developed and launched an easy-to-use website that allows outlets to submit the necessary evidence and information. Go to:

Guinness have their own website: Use this for Guinness, Open Gate Brewery beers and Hop House 13.
What you will need to complete this is:

  • Device to photograph your kegs
  • Delivery details for your kegs
  • List of Suppliers of your kegs
  • Keg details (brand, size, code, best before date)
  • Identify the number of taps at your location for each brand

Once you have the information above, you will create a profile on the website, then you will need to follow the guidance and instructions to register and submit the details of each individual container. Please note, not all brewers are crediting ‘broached’ kegs and casks. This process will also provide authorisation from brewers for licensees to decant the beer safely and environmentally friendly manner, in compliance with brewer guidelines and local water authorities. Beer destruction should not occur for outlets that do not have mains sewer facility.

You should be aware that, when completing the application, you are entering into a formal declaration with HMRC. It will trace the claim back to the original brewer via us your, registered Wholesaler: Please note that any false claims will be seen as an attempt to defraud HMRC and may result in legal action.
Once the credit has been approved by HMRC and the brewer, Maison Maurice will refund 100% of the credit received, subject to individual brewer terms and conditions. Credit will be subject to adherence with your agreed payment terms.

Yours sincerely,
The Maison Maurice Team

 5th June 2020


Download the document below for information on the process of returning your beer for Budweiser.