Warner Edwards Victoria’s Rhubarb Gin 40%

Bursting with natural flavour and colour, this pink gin is made using freshly pressed, deliciously refreshing rhubarb juice.

Gordon’s London Dry Gin 37.5%

UK’s best selling gin, tripled distilled and flavoured with Juniper, Coriander, Angelica, Liquorice and citrus peel.

Bombay Sapphire 40%

In the distinctive blue bottle, produced using ten botanicals sourced from around the world which are vapour infused to capture all the best aromas and flavours.

Tanqueray Export Gin 43.1%

Originated in Holland, produced by safely guarded recipe with Angelica, Coriander and dark Juniper berries picked from the Tuscan hills in Italy.

Beefeater London Dry Gin 40%

One of the most awarded gins with classic gin botanicals with smooth characteristic aromas and flavours.

Hendricks Gin 41.4%

Classic Scottish distilled gin using botanicals, flowers,fruits and seeds from around the world with an infusion of rose and cucumber.

Plymouth Gin 41.2%

Distilled using a blend of seven exotic botanicals, soft Dartmoor water and pure grain spirit.

Silverback Mountain Strength Gin 46%

A unique flavour using the more traditional ingredients such as Coriander, Angelica and sweet orange along with unusual Clamis Root, Acacia blossom and Lemongrass to create it’s very pleasant aroma and flavour. Ideal with Fever Tree Aromatic Tonic Water.

Copper Rivet Dockyard Gin 41.2%

Created in the Copper Rivet Distillery in Chatham dockyards. Produced from locally grown cereals and an exotic mix of botanicals sourced worldwide, a gin of distinction with citrus hints and spicy aromatic flavours.

Copper House Gin 40%

Made with six carefully chosen botanicals with floral and citrus notes.

Pink 47 47%

A distinctive London dry gin produced in small batches using a recipe of twelve botanicals sourced from around the world.

Pink Royal Gin 40%

Using the Pink 47 recipe and flavoured with raspberry, blackberry and cranberry to produce this fruity very mixable gin.

Edgerton Pink Gin 43%

Made from a unique fifteen botanicals recipe with unusual additions such as Damiana from Mexico and exotic grains of paradise from West Africa to impart warmth and texture.

Edgerton Blue Spice Gin 43%

Produced from seventeen exotic botanicals, including Fennel for a distinct taste with a dry spicy aroma and flavour.

Old Tom Gin 40%

A slightly sweeter style gin with less botanical flavours found in the market making this an ideal gin for mixability.

Gordons Sloe Gin 26%

A gin liqueur made with fresh steeped Sloeberries in classic Gordons gin. Best served over ice as a long drink on a summers day.

Williams Seville Orange 40%

Made with botanicals, Liquorice, and elder flower with a final infusion of raw Seville orange peel.

Brockmans Premium Gin 40%

Produced from a range of botanicals sourced from around the world with a refreshing influence of citrus and wild berry.

Ophir Oriental Gin 40%

Classic flavours with a spiced finish and a great base gin for flavoured mixers.

Bloom Gin 40%

Classic mix of botanicals with a smooth yet pronounced juniper nose.

Hogarth Gin 37.5%

Traditionally produced, made for easy mixing with all styles of tonic water.

Greenall’s Gin 37.5%

Smooth crisp style of gin, works well for the classic gin and tonic over ice.