How can single serve wines boost your business?

Single serve wines are increasingly popular and you cannot afford to miss out on this innovation! These miniature bottles containing a single large glass of wine each can avoid wastage, increase your profits and give your customers complete satisfaction:

  • Increased Profits

Fractional bottles deliver a higher profit margin than selling wine by the glass from a regular sized wine bottle. Together with the profit increases brought by lower wastage and increased demand, this means that single serve wines can make a real difference to your takings.

  • Less Wastage

When you’re serving wine by the glass from a regular bottle, some wastage is inevitable and this eats into your profits. With single serve bottles there is no wastage at all! With each bottle representing a serving, your sales are also more easily measurable.

  • Quicker Service

During busy times, your staff will find single serve wines quicker and easier to serve because they won’t have to uncork bottles or measure out servings. This ensures quicker all round service at your bar. The result? Happy customers and higher takings.

  • Customer Satisfaction

Because each glassful of wine is freshly opened from its own screw-top bottle, your customer can expect a perfect glass of wine every time. There is no risk of corkage or oxidation.

This means your customers will enjoy your wine more, and be more confident to buy wine from you in future!